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Box Office News at Field Arts & Events Hall

Bandaloop Dancers at Field Arts and Events Hall Grand Opening
Bandaloop Dancers at Field Arts and Events Hall Grand Opening

Thanks Steve for sending me this picture from your box office! I am very proud to have one of my photographs taken during my assignment to cover the Grand Opening of the Field Arts & Events Hall on permanent display in the box office, for all to remember and enjoy. The celebration went on for several days in the summer of 2023, with multiple shows and events, for massive crowds of people in attendance. This image of the Bandaloop aerial dance group was taken from directly below the performers, as they were suspended from the roof edge, and danced across the glass wall for huge crowds of spectators. It was a truly unforgettable performance, and one of the most exciting events I have ever covered as a photographer.

To commemorate this event I printed, framed, and donated a copy of this image, along with matching frames for the other images that adorn the box office. Next time you are at Field Hall and see this, you will know the back story behind what you see hanging in the box office.

This image was also part of my recent display at the Field Hall Gallery show called "A Different Lens", with my 27 framed prints themed "Life In Motion". Working with Steve Raider-Ginsberg, the Executive Director, and Kayla Oakes, Director of Education & Artistic Engagement, was such a pleasure, and their level of professionalism was that of a long running program, even though this is just the beginning stages of what promises to be a very successful venue. A world of thanks to them, and all the staff and volunteers that makes the hall so special. I am looking forward to more events, and working relationships in the future.

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