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In The News

We are proud to have been featured in various press outlets, including magazines, newspapers, blogs, and other online sources. Our work has been featured on websites such as The DoDo, KING 5 News, and KIRO7 News. We have also been featured in magazines such as Scholastic News and Sequim Living.

Print Media

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Online Publications

KOMO News Artist of the Week

It's a true honor to be chosen as KOMO News' Artist of the Week! To learn a little bit more about me as an artist, view some of my finest work, and get a sneak preview of what's to come in the future, check out the article!!

Artist of the Week Keith Ross  KOMO_edited.jpg

KOMO News, Seattle Refined

Overjoyed to announce our story's feature on Seattle Refined, marking a truly special moment. The excitement is beyond words! If you're in the mood for an uplifting journey, explore "The Rescue of Eddie & Elliott – A Bald Eaglet Adventure." It's a captivating expedition that promises not just a tale, but a genuine experience. Immerse yourself in the touching rescue orchestrated by our amazing community. Dive into the narrative and feel free to share your thoughts on this extraordinary adventure that celebrates nature's resilience and the strength of communal kindness.

The Dodo

Embark on a heartwarming journey in Sequim, Washington, as Kathy Pitts discovers two precious chicks, offspring of the local bald eagle celebrities, Ricky and Lucy. Concerned for their safety, a community effort, led by retired wildlife expert Jaye Moore and tree service owner Casey Balch, ensues to reunite the eaglets with their nest. Witness the captivating rescue captured by photographer Keith Ross and dive into a tale of resilience and community compassion. Read the full story below to experience the extraordinary bond between a town and its majestic winged residents.

Woman Finds Bald Eagle Chicks And Reunites Them With Mom - The Dodo.jpeg

KRO7 News

Thrilled to share that our eaglet rescue story made waves on KIRO7 News! The excitement is palpable, and we're grateful for the opportunity to showcase this incredible community effort. Dive into the details of our eaglet adventure and feel the buzz that comes with being featured on KIRO7. Check it out and share in the excitement with us!

King 5 News

Our incredible eaglet rescue story has now graced the screens of K5 News! Witness the breathtaking moments as these adventurous eaglets find their way back home with the remarkable efforts of our community heroes. Check out the feature on King 5 News to delve deeper into the heartwarming journey and share in the pride of our town's united spirit. Don't miss the chance to experience the full story and feel the warmth of this extraordinary rescue mission – click below to explore!

Fuzzy eaglets return home thanks to helpful hands in Sequim
Someone Found Two Eaglets That Fell Out Their Nest, People Team Up To Rescue Them  Bored P

Our post detailing the incredible Rescue of Eddy and Elliott has created waves on social media, amassing over 5,000 likes and shares! The heartening tale of community spirit and the eaglets' triumphant return home resonated widely. We're especially proud to announce that Bored Panda, a popular platform for uplifting stories, has picked up our narrative. Join us in celebrating this heartwarming achievement and continue to spread the love for Eddy and Elliott's inspiring journey! Click below to explore the full story and share in the joy.

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