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Educating Future Young Birders at Franklin Elementary School in Port Angeles, WA

Had a great time sharing the story behind my book The Rescue of Eddie & Elliott - A Bald Eaglet Adventure, with Nancy LeBlanc's Franklin Elementary second grade class in Port Angeles, WA. What a great group they were. So polite and well mannered! A pleasure to be there with them. They were quite enthusiastic and engaged, (even though this one picture of them watching the video looks like they were a little bored. LOL)

They studied up on eagles the week prior to my arrival, and it was a great learning experience, with pent of Q&A time. I also created and presented an extensive slide show called "Name That Bird", teaching them about all of the many birds we have around us, and I also played some fun bird videos . A full hour of bird education and fun. At the end I gave them all cards as a thank you gift. Thanks Nancy LeBlanc for inviting me to do this for your class! I am hoping I helped inspire some future bird watchers and photographers! (FYI, stickers are on some faces for whom we did not get photo releases returned.)

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