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Reddish Egret in Rain Squall in Florida

reddish egret in rain squall in florida

We were fortunate to evade any rain on our 2 weeks in Florida, except just before sunset at the beach, on our last night, when a heavy rain shower caught us on the beach. This Reddish Egret was standing in a pool on the ocean beach on the Gulf of Mexico, and thanks to the awesome weather sealing on my new OM-1 Mark II, I held my camera down almost in the water, to get this angle, and used the flip out LCD Screen to find and focus on this Reddish Egret's eye, and capture the rain drops bouncing up in the shallow water. It was worth getting soaked for!! Many more Reddish Egret pics to come as I process images, and assemble videos. Subscribe to my mailing list if you have not already so you do not miss out on any of these once in a lifetime images I have collected.

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